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2010 Webcor Sneak Peek….

And so it begins.  Parts have been rolling into the Service Course for a few weeks now but the games began in earnest today.  With the arrival of the Team’s new Teschner frames and only a few weeks until training camp it is pretty much full throttle from now until March 6.  I removed the first few frames and got to work today and I must  say I am very, very pleased.  The frames are sick!  and they are ready to be built right out of the box.  All threads are chased and surfaces are clean and straight.  The bikes are super sano and the paint jobs are cool-  each scheme highlights the tight 3K weave of the carbon whether it is in the gloss finish or matte black.  Two words. HOT!

Take a look for yourself…

SRAM is the group of choice.  Ritchey supplies the WCS cockpit.  Fizik handles the cushion for the pushin’ and Hudz gives us a little flash.

Check out that super slick Team Issue chainguide from K-Edge one of Webcor’s new sponsors for 2010.  Trick!

Force drivetrain.  It’s good, dependable, light and proven.  What more do you need?  Those wheels are Ritchey Zeta alloy wheels for training.

And…  Ritchey Super Logic Carbon Clinchers for Racing.

Clean and tight! Just the way I like it…

Matte and White Teschner SL9.

White hot liquid glossy sex color scheme.  Webcor will be sporting different color bikes this season.  Canadian riders will receive different bikes for use on National Team projects that are Matte Carbon and Red and will be riding these white frames for races with the team.  The spare bikes that will don the roof of the team car will showcase the other colors that the SL9 is  available in.  So when you see us sporting flaming red bikes on the roof you will know why.  Marketing.  Teschner is an Australian company and their bikes are rare in the states.  You will get to see the full range of SL9 in all it’s hotness at the races.  These bikes are trick.  You will be able to see them up close and personal at the Redlands stage race in at the end of March.  If you are there swing by the truck and say hey!  and soak in all the Aussie goodness…  More to come.

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A little love from the U.K.

I got a little love in an Article in Cycling U.K. with British Cyclocross Champ Helen Wyman.  Thanks Hel!  Can’t wait for you and Stef to come back!

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GO PRO Helmet Cam Test 2

The Go Pro HD Wide Helmet Cam is pretty sweet.    It takes 5mp stills at settable intervals, has HD  Wide Angle video capabilities, comes with multiple mounts and a weight of 5.5 ounces- For $300 how can you go wrong?  Here are a few samples from my ride today.  You should go out and get one!

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New Toy-

A little test today of my new Go Pro HD Helmet cam.  I totally eat it around 3:25

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Nationals Re-cap

The big dance.  CX nats was an adventure as always.   Lots of driving and cleaning and working on bikes in less than ideal conditions.  Tire pressure and choice was a huge factor and luckily we had a full arsenal on hand and THE Simon Burney as a technical consult.  It does not get any better than that.  Simon and I spent our spare time talking cross and equipment while drinking Tea and watching Dombro bounce off the walls waiting for race day.  Race day came and Amy rode well.  She hit the deck pretty hard and went into panic mode.  She rode well but was taking chances.  She got her head screwed on straight with a few to go but she would have to settle for 3rd.  A very good ride but not what Amy was trying to achieve.

I also had the pleasure of working for my old friend Adam Myerson during the Elite race.  Adam hit the ground pretty hard and had to take  a bike change in the early laps.   I assessed the damage and got the bike up and running and cleaned before he came by the pit for the second time on the same lap.

Adam was definitely rattled from the crash but after 4 laps he seemed to get back in the groove.  He  put his head down  and worked his way back up toward the front finishing  21st.   Post race Adam showed me the battle wounds- Myerson is a hard man.   I know a lot of riders that would have pulled the plug after  hitting the frozen ground that hard.  He is a professional in every sense of the word and it is an honor to work for riders like Adam and Amy.

After Nationals I tried my best to get over to Belgium for the upcoming World Cups.  The plan was to go and to stay in Europe, working through the World Championships.  It looked good.  I had been in talks since late October, but it all fell apart at the last minute.  It would have been great to be there, but being home is good too.   The road season starts soon for me so I will have plenty of travel in the not so distant future.  Team parts have started rolling in and the frames are due any day.   In just a few short weeks I will be California  bound to meet up with the women of the Webcor Builders Pro Cycling Team and the season will begin again in earnest.

I will be updating the site regularly.  We have tons of new equipment and sponsors and 5 new riders- so there will be lots to write about.  Until next time…..

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Little Rider Big Check

USGP came to town and so did Amy D.  We had a mechanical free weekend and Amy rode like a rockstar.  2nd to Nash on Day 1  and awarded most aggressive rider by SRAM and 3rd for the follow up on Sunday.  Last night Amy and Colleen made some damn good Chili and we spent the evening by the fire with good, food, good beer and good friends  oh, yeah and a couple of Brits that know a thing or two about Cyclocross.  The outlook for Natz in Bend is COLD.  They have snow on the ground and temps that will keep it there until the weekend.  It’s going to be epic-  as a national championship should be.  Little D.  has had an amazing season and she is on form for a good race at Natz.

I have a new puter so I will try and keep this thing alive a little more.  Here is another pic for all y’all

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A conversation that could only happen in Portland

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Tech Tips from Me on

So, I have started doing a little bit of stuff for Cyclocross Magazine online.  The following is the first tech tip article that appeared on Nov. 23rd.  You can look for interesting tips and tricks from me every Monday at

Gut-Wrenching Mechanical Mondays: Custom Cable Housing Solution

November 23rd, 2009   Filed Under cyclocross tech, how-to

Drumm (in Hudz-Subaru attire) might be worn-out, but his shifting is still spot on!
Drumm (in Hudz-Subaru attire) might be worn-out, but his shifting is still spot on!

This is the first in a weekly series of from-the-crew-pits tips. Some will be straight-forward, others more involved, but they’ll all help you to keep your cyclocross bike humming smoothly along. Dave Drumm is the Webcor chief mechanic during the road season and wrenches on a freelance basis during cyclocross season for the likes of Amy Dombroski, Adam Myerson, Dee Dee Winfield, Will Duggan and many more.

by Dave Drumm & Josh Liberles

As you can read in our coverage of the Krueger’s Crossing race, this past weekend in Portland was the perfect testing ground for improvised techniques to seal out the weather. Shifting problems in muddy conditions are ubiquitous in cyclocross and finding a solution is akin to a ‘cross mechanic’s holy grail. Drumm actually had two different cable-protection prototypes out on the course, the “Myerson Method” on his own steed, which he raced in the Master’s B event, and a top-secret trick on an Elite Woman’s race rig which also looks very promising. We’ll focus on the Myerson Method here but will be reporting on the other trick in this column within the next few weeks.

“It got its name from [pro bike racer] Adam Myerson, who was sick of junk accumulating at the junction between the cable and housing on his seat stays,” said Drumm. “Myerson was just going on and on about it, so I had to give it a try.”

The "Myerson Method" on Dave Drumm's Blue CX 6.5 © Josh Liberles
The “Myerson Method” on Dave Drumm’s Blue CX 6.5 © Josh Liberles

Any bike that features a top tube-routed rear derailleur cable will typically have two housing stops on the seat tube, with exposed cable running in between before the cable re-enters housing at the bottom and finishes its journey into the rear derailleur. That second junction is a famous collecting spot for mud, water and grit, which will quickly wreak havoc on shifting performance. The Myerson Method is quite simple: just run housing all the way for sealed-in performance.

“It takes about two seconds with a five millimeter drill bit. You just notch out the two cable stops enough to allow the housing to run straight through,” said Drumm. “Any monkey with a drill bit can easily do it.” (We still recommend a shop – and don’t blame us when you drill right through your carbon seatstay!)

“I have to admit, it works great,” Drumm continued. “It worked great yesterday, I had no shifting problems and had access to the full range of gears.”

Anyone who raced at Krueger’s yesterday – myself included – will be incredulous at that last statement. I was at the point where I could occasionally shift and he had no shifting problems? What gives?

“The housing made a big difference and I just sprayed a little Pam on the cassette to help keep it clean,” said Drumm.

Adam Myerson runs this setup on his team Van Dessels; Drumm runs full-length Gore cable housing with traditional steel cables on his Blue CX 6.5 and says that a similar setup is ideal for Redlines and many other similarly-cabled bikes that see inclement weather.

Close-up of cable housing stop © Josh Liberles
Close-up of cable housing stop © Josh Liberles

Although Drumm’s setup will slightly add to overall shifting friction in pristine conditions and the 11 grams-per-foot penalty of housing may be an issue for true weight weenies, any negatives are more than offset compared to the performance breakdowns that happen when a shift cable gets gummed up.

Norco and Redline bikes provide fittings for full-length housing on their ‘cross bikes. Norco’s bike comes with full rear housing as pictured below. Other options include Gore’s fully-sealed cable system or Gore’s professional semi-sealed system that comes with the SRAM Red gruppo, but Drumm swears by this Do-It-Yourself technique.

Stay tuned for more weekly wrenching tips.

Norco cyclocross bike with full-length housing Cyclocross Magazine
Norco cyclocross bike with full-length housing ©Cyclocross Magazine
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Back in the saddle….

USGP and Nationals are quickly approaching.  I have been lost on the cross scene for awhile,  It isn’t all about wrenching.  CX season is my time to dance on the pedals although this season it been more like spinning squares but with the help of Al Donahue and Rick Crawford I hope to be in the hunt come Natz time.  Sunday at Krugers was a good test.  Not only of the work I have been doing but of the “Myerson Modification”  The mud at Krugers put it to the test and the bike performed flawlessly.

In the coming weeks there will be lots of fun to be had.  Little Dombro and Simon Burney and Rebecca Much will be heading to Portland for USGP and then it’s off to Bend for Natz.  I will have my hands full for sure.   The best racing is yet to come.  Stay tuned



Yours truly (Hudz-Subaru kit) about to attack the back like nobodys business

Starcrossed- awesome event up in the Seattle’s. I had a sweet time hanging out with Johnnie, Stephan and Helen. I got to “race” my bike and all in all it was a good time. Helen killed it from the gun and there was no drama in the pit. Colleen and I got to break in the Westy with it’s first CX adventure and it surely was… it seems she doesn’t like to start after being driven hard for 2+ hours. Colleen and I pulled some little miss sunshine action and we made it there in time for me to warm up and race- I was so jacked from almost not making it in time that I felt like I had raced before even getting to the venue.  After working the pit in the Elite women’s race I helped out Troy Wells in the pit.  It rained…alot and I got cold and I got very wet.  Immediately following the race I had a beer and went to bed.   In hindsight,  not the best preparation for the steaming hot weather that Rad Racing GP had to offer the next day. On lap 2 of the Masters 3 race I thought I was stroking out. I lost vision in my right eye on the descent following the run up and couldn’t hang on to the handlebars… the world went pear shaped an my heart rate was off the chart. I pulled out and  then curled up into the fetal position.   Not a good idea to race when the only thing consumed in 16 hours is a beer and a cliff bar.   Helen’s day went to poop for her when she punctured her front wheel just after passing the pit.  she went from the very front to the very back in short order.    She did manage to make up 20+ places and finished 4th by the end.   Nice work on her part.  Then it was off to vegas for Cross vegas and the Interbikes. CV was cool as always and I spent the night hanging with Dombro, the Kona crew, Simon Burney, Lance from Hudz,  Tim, Johnnie, Steph etc… it was a blast. Until I returned to my hotel room.  It had been broken into and those bastards took everything- Passport, Laptop, Ipod, Cycling shoes, backpack- complete with dirty kit from dirt demo. The kicker- they did it while Frank was asleep in our hotel room! People have some massive balls! Items are replaceable but the images of 2 seasons on the road in 9 different countries are not. I learned a valuable lesson about backing up your hard drive regularly. I also learned how important music is in my life.   After Vegas I  drove cross country and back in 8 days with no Ipod- and oddly enough no way to import my music into a new one becasue IT WAS ALL ON MY HARDRIVE. I officially hate that festering sweaty gooch that is Las Vegas and oh yeah, don’t stay at Harrahs Hotel and Casino unless you want your room broken into and your shit stolen.

P.S. this post was written on a borrowed Laptop.  Here’s to looking up.  Until next time…..

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