About Dave…..

Hey!  Thanks for checking out the blog.  My name is Dave.  I am a professional bicycle mechanic that specializes in working with international élite level athletes.  That sounds all snooty and how do ya do-  but,  that’s what I do.  I work with athletes from around the globe who race at the highest levels.  My projects have taken me to World Cups and Major Tours in 9 different countries.  I have been the mechanic for athletes at events where they have won National Championship titles in Road, Time Trial and Cyclocross.  My current client base consists of multiple National Champions and Olympians.  Did I also mention that they are mostly women?

I hold a B.A. in Communication, I am a regular Tech Article contributor to CXmagazine.com, I am the former owner of a bike shop, and manager of a Cyclocross team in Western Massachusetts.  I can hold my liquor and I make some mean ass guacamole.  If you bring me coffee it better be good, and the same goes for the  beer, leave that Peets and PBR stuff for the fixie kids in their skinny jeans with their ironic facial hair.  Oh, I am also a bit opinionated and a bit of a smart ass, but I do take my job very seriously and I love what I do.  I don’t mind working 18 hours a day for 10 days and then driving 1,350 miles to do it again, and again- for weeks at a time.  But when you see me in October, don’t you dare give me any shit  about my desire to sit on the couch for 2 weeks straight-  that’s my off-season and I will eat donuts and I will watch the bachelor on-line.

See you out there!



  1. Hey Dave,
    Is that the missing helmet your wearing???? :::)))

    I love the note about Warf. I have seen him move quickly once, my dog was chasing him.

  2. DAAAVE!
    Just a quick Lenoxdale represent. When you get back to the 413 I needs a new beater fixie…. some Pittsfield crackhead stole mine. prehaps some pints at the breworks?
    Justin (coffeeshop Justin)

  3. Just to make sure you saw this article on Velonews.
    The ultimate triumph for a mechanic…


  4. Hi Dave

    Just wanted to let you know this site is one of the featured sites on http://SpokeBuzz.com

    Good stuff!

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