Posted by: Double-Dee | May 26, 2010

Ar- Kansas: Better than regular Kansas.

At the Conclusion of Tour of the Gila.  We loaded up the kids and headed to the great state of Arkansas for the Joe Martin stage race.  The drive was as to be expected- 14 total hours of shenanigans.  After the airport drop in ABQ Jeremy, myself, Ange, Amy D., Erinne, Katheryn and Andrea put the hammer down and beat feet east.

As we approached Texas things got serious.  At stake: the State line sprint.  Ina has the power but the Team Car has the top end-  the Sprinter is limited by an electronic governor that limits top speed to 120kmh.  Superior  tactics would be needed if we were going to get the win.  Amy D. was my co-pilot and we had a plan.  A few K from the line we needed fuel so we pulled off refueled both vehicles and headed off – less than 5km to the line it seemed as though Jeremy hadn’t realized what was coming up  I did my best to make sure there was little room for him to come around-  between traffic and my lane choice.  With 2km to go he came around us at full steam crossing over the shoulder line.   We had been jumped!  fearing the loss we switched to plan B and faked a mechanical. With 1.5km to go I hit the flashers and rolled to the side of the road-  still moving, waiting for Jeremy to stop.  We were about 100m behind him when stopped.  I opened the drivers side like I was going to get out of the Sprinter and then….  I put the pedal to the floor!!  The Team Car can not match the power and acceleration of the Sprinter and when we went by him we were already hauling ass.  I thought we would have enough of a gap to make it to the line by the time the team car got up to speed-  not so  Jeremy was coming quick so I hogged the lanes not willing to let it go.  We battled it out testing each others nerve and driving skill.  Jeremy had speed on his side though-  and he started to straddle the breakdown lane and come by…  I wasn’t having it- but after seeing Erinne’s facial expression in the passenger seat of the Team Car… I seceded.  Texas would go to Fliss, but not without the most awesome of stateline races!  The other two statelines were not contested.

Strange things happen to us at Joe Martin and 2010 did not disappoint.  2 bike changes, 2 wheel changes, rider with no shoes before the TT.  Spokes got ripped out of a front wheel by another riders rear mech (no crash though) A new left shifter exploded for no known reason-  It was weird….  We had good results and KCM came away in the end with Podium.  Want to see some pictures?

A rare shot by Casey Gibson. Guess which one is me.

Host house provided licking alarm clock- Princess Pee-Pee Pants.

Jeremy re-fueling with a 2x caffeine Power Bar Gel.

First order of business in Arkansas- clean everything.  Bikes, equipment, interior and exterior of the vehicles.  Gila put sand and grit everywhere.  INA was super fresh for the airport run to pick up a returning from injury Lindsay and guest Director Laura Charmeda.

Uphill TT Warmup.

What? yer bike is too light?  Here…. hold mah beer..I ama try sumpin.   That’ll do er.  knew that ratchet come in handy.

Seriously? WTF?  on the stem!?

Can you spot the smart ass?

Back to the roots…

Safety never takes a holiday…

Post race tanning.

That is a Burrito, and yes I ate it all.  In less than 15 minutes.  It was gooooooooood.


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