Posted by: Double-Dee | May 25, 2010

SRAM Tour of the Gila and the return of the mighty midget

After Roadrunner and a day of touristy fun I loaded up the kids and drove the 180 miles to Silver City NM for the SRAM Tour of the Gila.  Jeremy was on his way too, driving the team car from California to Tucson AZ to pick up the Grand Kareno and the rest of the girls.  Tucked into a tiny box in the corner of the trunk was the mighty midget herself-  Amy Dombrosk.  Little D. was making a guest riding appearance with the team along with Webcor bridge team rider Ange McCllure.    Gila is mostly a blur now-  I remember insane wind, Erinne getting 2nd in the TT, snow on the final stage and retardedly cold temperatures for the flippin’ desert.  Anyway, on with the show!

Artsy shot of INA while looking for Rattlesnakes at a Pee stop in the Black Range.

The Team Car with our super sweet new THULE roofrack  ready for stage 1 with the spare SRAM and Ritchey equipped Teschner SL9’s

Luna MTB hot shoe Amy D.  It was good to have the DLB back in the pack for a little Webcor reunion.

You know it’s cold when the Canadians are wearing everything they own.

I was bonking in the team car and luckily I was able to flag down Kristen Armstrong in the caravan and Tim B. (my brother from another mother) hooked me up with a peanut butter hand up.

Erinne loves her new Teschner Aero 703 TT bike and proved it with an awesome 2nd place finish in the Time Trial.

My view out the back window of the team car.  Those are spare Ritchey Super Logic Carbon Clinchers ready for wheel swappin’ action.

Gila was windy.  Really, really windy.  I saw riders get spun around, blown over and mentally destroyed by the insane wind,but none of the pictures I took really showed the severity- except this one.  It was reported that the sustained winds were 30-40mph and the gusts were in excess of 85mph!!!!  The biggest winds came as a headwind on the final climb by the Copper Mine heading back into Silver City.  Riders were, at times, stopped in their tracks by the wind and we saw many Masters men walking their bikes up parts of that final climb.

Erinne chasing back to the group after a nature break.

Pinos Altos.

Joelle, Erinne, Ange and Andrea at the team host house in Silver City.


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