Posted by: Double-Dee | May 24, 2010

The Windy Puncture Fest That Was The Roadrunner Classic.

The Roadrunner Classsic is a new race on the calender that falls one week prior to the start of the SRAM Tour of The Gila.  We arrived a few days in advance of the race to get acclimated and to give the girls a chance to ride some more new equipment prior to race day.  We spent a few hours out on the TT course trying various wheel combinations in the very windy conditions and dialing in their TT positions.

Roadrunner is an Omnium with a TT and a Circuit Race on the same day.  The courses are run on the same out and back loop.  a 6.3 mile out and back with just over 400 feet of climbing per lap.   The temps were cold and the wind was strong.  The TT faired quite well because it was run very early in the morning before the winds really started to kick up.  Katheryn had a good ride as did Erinne and Andrea.  We survived the TT with no punctures.  We did however have 3 punctures between the TT and the Circuit Race.  Between races we had a quick meeting and discussed tactics and conditions for the upcoming Circuit Race (I Directed the Team at this race) and then we waited, and waited and waited some more and then the winds really picked up.  At the start of the circuit race the winds were blowing at a steady 30-40mph and it was a tailwind in one direction and brutal headwind the other.  The problem with the wind was not it’s strength- but the fact that it was blowing dried Goat Heads all over the roads.  Punctures were the order of the day.  The team races on Maxxis 23c Radials which are an awesome tire.  They roll well, corner well and have good puncture protection.  We faired better than many of the other teams- but there is not much you can do about a road covered with hundreds of  sharp fang like thorns that are incredibly hard and easily puncture the toughest of tires.  We suffered 3 punctures during the race yet we managed to come away with very good results.

The Roadrunner was an excellent first attempt at a Pro event.  Charlie did his best to put on a class act race.  Hopefully it will continue and become bigger.  The timing and location are perfect for a racing double bill with Gila.

No pics from Roadrunner.  My apologies, I was very busy being a one man show…..


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