Posted by: Double-Dee | May 24, 2010

Team Tourist Day…

After Roadrunner  Andrea and I took Erinne, Ange and a grumpy KCM on a whirl wind tour of  Albuquerque.  Here is what we saw..

Hell Yeah!  The Rattlesnake Museum.

One of the many LIVE snakes waiting to try and bite you.  While I was taking pictures of all the different types of snakes.  The girls were….

Watching Hi-Def   TURTLE  PORN.  I watched for a little bit, but thought the plot was lacking, so I went and bought the coolest Rattlesnake mug on the face of the planet!!!!

After a day of turtle porn, snakes, trying on cowboy hats, ice cream, some seriously annoying diva whining- it was time for fancy drinks on the terrace.  This is little Schwarzenager with her fancy pink drink.  She looks like she is at a polo match.  Andrea was an awesome tour guide-  even more amazing because she is from Austria and has never been to the USA prior to this. Yay literacy!!

I got this cactus holder for my Grandma’s birthday.  I think she will like it, but the girls thought differently…


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