Posted by: Double-Dee | May 24, 2010

On The Road Again…..

As April drew to a close it was time for me to load INA to the hilt and put the pedal to the devil.  It is a 1,400 mile journey from my home in the Pacific Northwest to Albquerque NM.  I planned on hitting some trails in Moab and still making the trip in two days.  Day One:  I was underway at 8:30am.  I rolled into the Super 8 in Moab at 1:15am just over 1,000 miles down.  The plan was to get some sleep and hit the first Porcupine rim shuttle in the morning and then throw the MTB in the backseat of INA and roll the last 400 miles to Albuquerque in time to pick up riders at the airport later that day.  When I rolled into Moab- it was a mix of snow and rain. So the thought of waking up at the ass crack to ride in less than ideal conditons, in the cold, was daunting to say the least.  Lucky for me Iwas so jacked on Caffeine that I did not fall asleep until 4:45am.  Waking up at 9 and feeling like shit-  the days plan was done before it even started.   The best I could hope for was a  leisurely breakfast in Moab and an even paced drive to NM.  I had a cup of the best coffee Moab had to offer (not a compliment) and it was back on the road.  I rolled into the Airport in ABQ 30 minutes before the riders flight arrived.  It was probably a good thing that my ride was bagged becausee the speed limits fluctuated from 35, 45 to 65mph.  Each time the speed limit fell below 45mph there was a Sheriff or State Trooper.  It was a very long 400 mile pull.

I rolled in ABQ and had a nap in the cellphone waiting area.  Katheryn, Erinne and Adrea would be joining me soon for the Roadrunner Classic-  where I would be Director, Mechanic and Soigneur for the ITT and Circuit Race..


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