Posted by: Double-Dee | February 21, 2010

2010 Webcor Sneak Peek….

And so it begins.  Parts have been rolling into the Service Course for a few weeks now but the games began in earnest today.  With the arrival of the Team’s new Teschner frames and only a few weeks until training camp it is pretty much full throttle from now until March 6.  I removed the first few frames and got to work today and I must  say I am very, very pleased.  The frames are sick!  and they are ready to be built right out of the box.  All threads are chased and surfaces are clean and straight.  The bikes are super sano and the paint jobs are cool-  each scheme highlights the tight 3K weave of the carbon whether it is in the gloss finish or matte black.  Two words. HOT!

Take a look for yourself…

SRAM is the group of choice.  Ritchey supplies the WCS cockpit.  Fizik handles the cushion for the pushin’ and Hudz gives us a little flash.

Check out that super slick Team Issue chainguide from K-Edge one of Webcor’s new sponsors for 2010.  Trick!

Force drivetrain.  It’s good, dependable, light and proven.  What more do you need?  Those wheels are Ritchey Zeta alloy wheels for training.

And…  Ritchey Super Logic Carbon Clinchers for Racing.

Clean and tight! Just the way I like it…

Matte and White Teschner SL9.

White hot liquid glossy sex color scheme.  Webcor will be sporting different color bikes this season.  Canadian riders will receive different bikes for use on National Team projects that are Matte Carbon and Red and will be riding these white frames for races with the team.  The spare bikes that will don the roof of the team car will showcase the other colors that the SL9 is  available in.  So when you see us sporting flaming red bikes on the roof you will know why.  Marketing.  Teschner is an Australian company and their bikes are rare in the states.  You will get to see the full range of SL9 in all it’s hotness at the races.  These bikes are trick.  You will be able to see them up close and personal at the Redlands stage race in at the end of March.  If you are there swing by the truck and say hey!  and soak in all the Aussie goodness…  More to come.



  1. Would you be offended if I called you an effective marketing tool? Already went to the Teschner website to check out the bikes some more. I’d be all over it with a lower bb and some slightly shorter chain stays – as long as you could get me a good deal that is…

    Now all we need to do is get you some red Hüdz for the Canadian bikes…

  2. Exact same everything I love/have, but frame company! Jealous!

    P.S. What shoes are these?

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