Posted by: Double-Dee | December 8, 2009

Little Rider Big Check

USGP came to town and so did Amy D.  We had a mechanical free weekend and Amy rode like a rockstar.  2nd to Nash on Day 1  and awarded most aggressive rider by SRAM and 3rd for the follow up on Sunday.  Last night Amy and Colleen made some damn good Chili and we spent the evening by the fire with good, food, good beer and good friends  oh, yeah and a couple of Brits that know a thing or two about Cyclocross.  The outlook for Natz in Bend is COLD.  They have snow on the ground and temps that will keep it there until the weekend.  It’s going to be epic-  as a national championship should be.  Little D.  has had an amazing season and she is on form for a good race at Natz.

I have a new puter so I will try and keep this thing alive a little more.  Here is another pic for all y’all


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