Posted by: Double-Dee | November 23, 2009

Back in the saddle….

USGP and Nationals are quickly approaching.  I have been lost on the cross scene for awhile,  It isn’t all about wrenching.  CX season is my time to dance on the pedals although this season it been more like spinning squares but with the help of Al Donahue and Rick Crawford I hope to be in the hunt come Natz time.  Sunday at Krugers was a good test.  Not only of the work I have been doing but of the “Myerson Modification”  The mud at Krugers put it to the test and the bike performed flawlessly.

In the coming weeks there will be lots of fun to be had.  Little Dombro and Simon Burney and Rebecca Much will be heading to Portland for USGP and then it’s off to Bend for Natz.  I will have my hands full for sure.   The best racing is yet to come.  Stay tuned



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