Posted by: Double-Dee | October 14, 2009

Starcrossed, Rad Racing, Cross Vegas and grand theft at Harrah’s Shittel and Crapchino


Yours truly (Hudz-Subaru kit) about to attack the back like nobodys business

Starcrossed- awesome event up in the Seattle’s. I had a sweet time hanging out with Johnnie, Stephan and Helen. I got to “race” my bike and all in all it was a good time. Helen killed it from the gun and there was no drama in the pit. Colleen and I got to break in the Westy with it’s first CX adventure and it surely was… it seems she doesn’t like to start after being driven hard for 2+ hours. Colleen and I pulled some little miss sunshine action and we made it there in time for me to warm up and race- I was so jacked from almost not making it in time that I felt like I had raced before even getting to the venue.  After working the pit in the Elite women’s race I helped out Troy Wells in the pit.  It rained…alot and I got cold and I got very wet.  Immediately following the race I had a beer and went to bed.   In hindsight,  not the best preparation for the steaming hot weather that Rad Racing GP had to offer the next day. On lap 2 of the Masters 3 race I thought I was stroking out. I lost vision in my right eye on the descent following the run up and couldn’t hang on to the handlebars… the world went pear shaped an my heart rate was off the chart. I pulled out and  then curled up into the fetal position.   Not a good idea to race when the only thing consumed in 16 hours is a beer and a cliff bar.   Helen’s day went to poop for her when she punctured her front wheel just after passing the pit.  she went from the very front to the very back in short order.    She did manage to make up 20+ places and finished 4th by the end.   Nice work on her part.  Then it was off to vegas for Cross vegas and the Interbikes. CV was cool as always and I spent the night hanging with Dombro, the Kona crew, Simon Burney, Lance from Hudz,  Tim, Johnnie, Steph etc… it was a blast. Until I returned to my hotel room.  It had been broken into and those bastards took everything- Passport, Laptop, Ipod, Cycling shoes, backpack- complete with dirty kit from dirt demo. The kicker- they did it while Frank was asleep in our hotel room! People have some massive balls! Items are replaceable but the images of 2 seasons on the road in 9 different countries are not. I learned a valuable lesson about backing up your hard drive regularly. I also learned how important music is in my life.   After Vegas I  drove cross country and back in 8 days with no Ipod- and oddly enough no way to import my music into a new one becasue IT WAS ALL ON MY HARDRIVE. I officially hate that festering sweaty gooch that is Las Vegas and oh yeah, don’t stay at Harrahs Hotel and Casino unless you want your room broken into and your shit stolen.

P.S. this post was written on a borrowed Laptop.  Here’s to looking up.  Until next time…..



  1. Bummer about the break-in, karma will catch up with them. Good job Helen!

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