Posted by: Double-Dee | September 17, 2009

British Invasion- Helen Wyman comes to America

Kona’s newest hotshoe Helen Wyman was ranked 6th in the world last season.  She is a multi time UK national Cyclocross champion and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  The other day a bike box was delivered to my front door.  In said box was Helen’s new Team Editon Major Jake.  Helen and her husband Stefan arrived in the PDX later that day.  I got the pleasure of doing an easy ride with Stefan, Helen and Johnnie yesterday-  Helen is a monster!  I can’t wait to see her race in person.

Helen will be racing Starcrossed, the Rad Racing GP and Crossvegas.  Here are some pics from our impromtu Photo shoot in Portland!

Helen and Kona 007

 Helen sporting the UK national champ kit-  Kona style

Helen and Kona 002

Stefan checking the bike against the fit sheet.  Helen’s bike fitter is the same guy that Tom Boonen uses.  You can too!  only 150 euro per bike, a 6 month waiting list and a plane ticket to Belgium!

Helen and Kona 025

Monster General Lee and the Major Jake

Helen and Kona 016

 Dream Team!   Mechanic: Dave Drumm, Rider:  Helen Wyman and  Soigneur: Johnnie Salamee  and Manager Stefan Wyman (taking the pic)

See you in Washington!!!


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