Posted by: Double-Dee | August 13, 2009

US Elite National Championships

Stars and Bars….  Nuff said.  It’s picture time!

Natz09 130

Amy Dombroski now needs an editon on her house in Boulder after winning yet another stars and strip jersey- this time  its the U23  Road title.   Amy also earned  an impressive 4th place finish in the Women’s Elite Road Race after forcing a move that initiated the 4 woman breakaway.    In the past 12 months Amy has won 3 National Championship titles in 3 different disciplines.  She will be attending the World MTB championships in Australia to take a crack at the World Champ title as well-  Good luck Dombro!

Natz09 129

Mighty midget-  good for 4th

Natz09 135

Mooch got 6th in the TT which was awesome considering the amount of drag caused by that nose hair.

Natz09 146

KCM felt a little off her game but still managed to rock to an 8th place finish in the TT

Natz09 138

Face of an Angel. heart of a killer. 

Eveyln learned some valuable lessons at Nationals. 

  1. It is really hard to win nationals with no teamates and you have a massive target on your back (she rode for her club team out of respect- very pro)
  2. Don’t drop your headphones into your rear wheel while warming up on the trainer-  cuz it will chop that shit up!
  3. Never, ever back pedal in the TT start box when you are cross chaining a 54-26 (Evelyn got 2nd in the TT in Webcor colors only one second behind former Expresscopy rider Jessica Phillips)

Time for some serious training.  Road season is done and I am gonna be racing some CX on my new Spooky Super Touch.  I can’t wait.


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