Posted by: Double-Dee | August 13, 2009

Cascade: The return of the Green Machine

The Cascade Cycling Classic is one of my favorite events on the NRC schedule and the 2009 edition did not disappoint.  The Webcor team was down three riders heading into Cascade-  Janel broke herself pretty bad in San Diego after coming back from another broken collarbone.   Nikki was in Boulder recovering from a MTB related head injury and Alex had a major pain in her ass. 

It looked like Webcor was going to be completely outgunned racing against the other teams  with a full roster, but that was not the case.   Guest rider and the hottest thing on two wheels, Evelyn Stevens,  came away with a stage win on day one and the team rallied.   It is always difficult when a team  brings on a guest rider.  New blood can really mess with team dynamics- experience, ego and “fealings” can all get in the way  but not here, not this time-    Evelyn  is a quick learner, a tactical sponge with legs of steel and the lungs of a whale (doesn’t sound very fast-  but if you really think about it…)    She fit right in and proving the previous statement-  she won the first stage.

Having possesion of the Yellow jersey following stage one  put the pressure on  but KCM, Dombro, Mooch,  Ernie and Gina had it all under control.   The girls rode like absolute pros.  They rode flawlessly and it was the best I have ever seen them race AS A TEAM.  Each day they took control from the gun protecting Evelyn and setting tempo at the front to make sure no one went anywhere without their permission.  It was like watching the tour during the Postal days.   It was so Pro it hurt.   Evelyn brought a new vibe to the team and I hope we will be seeing more of her in the future.

Also at Cascade….. Jeremy and I had a seriously sweet host setup.  Frank and Nancy were awesome.  The food was good, the beer was cold, the garage was big and the view from the ranch was epic.  Colleen even came down for a few days and did a ride along in the team car and helped Jeremy in the feed zone.  The green machine was well lubed and running smooth-  enough of the lovefest on to the pics….

Natz09 073

Ranch life is alright by me…

Natz09 079

Ohhhh… Time Trial prep MY FAVORITE!!

Natz09 006

Our hosts Nancy and Frank are part owners of Elk Lake Lodge.  After the TT they invited us up for a little dinner, some swimming and kayaking.  It was pretty frickin’ sweet.  Best hosts in the biz!

Natz09 020

Mooch buried herself in the TT and pretty much went into a coma at the Lodge.  Thats Evil passed out in the background

Natz09 086

How hard did the girls work for that yellow jersey?  take a good look at Gina… CRACKED!

Natz09 061

Das Mooch- Women’s Prestige Series best young rider-  finishing up the day after setting tempo and launching Evil up the last climb on the Mt. Bachelor stage-  good work

Natz09 069

Dombro’s favorite dots?  Polka of course.  She rocked the Climbers jersey for most Cascade.

Natz09 089

Yellow is our favorite color.

Natz09 104

Yeah… She fits right in.

Natz09 110

This is what happens when midgets hijack your camera…..

Anyway.  Cascade kicked ass.  Thanks for looking.

D.  Out.


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