Posted by: Double-Dee | July 13, 2009

The “break”

I guess you could call it a break.  I drove an extra 602 miles to bring J. Fliss and the TT equipment to Minnesota before hauling ass over to NY to my parents and then on to Pittsfield MA where I emptied my house, put what little I got into storage,  finalized the Divorce paperwork and then hopped on a plane for the west coast where I did some  more stuff before driving to Seattle and Bellingham WA for a few days of R and R .  Some highlights for ya’ll

iphone2 059

My parents Llamapalooza in NY

iphone2 058

yeah, those kinda Llama’s-  they raise them.  You know-  for burgers and such….

Seattle 007

Kurt Cobain’s “memorial” bench in  a Seattle park.  Pretty cool stuff.  Nirvana and Kurt had a big impact on me in the 90’s so I had to pay homage.  Every inch of that bench was covered with writing.

Seattle 012

Melissa is also a big Nirvana fan and had not been to the bench before (and she lives in Seattle)

Seattle 063

The space needle as seen from the Olympic Statue park at the Museum of Art-  yes I like artsy things too…

Seattle 069

But it doesn’t mean I am still not a smart ass about it….

Bellingham and stuff 018

On the way to Bellingham WA we passed a full size truck complete with full sized dogs.

Bellingham and stuff 049

Colleen getting rad on a Planter bike in Bellingham

pacnwcoop 008

After stopping into see my old friend and leader of HupUnited Zac Daab in Seattle.  He insisted that when in Bellingham that we go to Casa Que Pasa for their famous Potato Burrito.  We did and it was gooooooood!

pacnwcoop 050

After a few days in the Northern Pac NW it was back to the PDX for a day.  I helped finish up the Chicken palace that Colleen built.    I drank coffee and put a few screws in the hardware cloth-  that’s all her work.  She is  pretty handy for a hippie.  

I hopped a red eye back to New York.  My dad picked me up at the Airport at 9:45 am.  I took a quick trip to Mass to sign the last bits of paper and then it was pedal to the devil to make it to Montreal by 4:45.  I rolled into arrival gate at 4:47.  Not bad.  The girls were out at 5:12.


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