Posted by: Double-Dee | July 13, 2009

Oh. Yeah. Philly- I forgot Philly.

Philly is the biggest, best one day race in the USA. And ya know what?  Philly can suck it!    We have one of the best teams in the American peleton, hell in the world.  But you would not have known that at Philly.  The race plays out almost the same every year-  there are several stock scenarios-  if one doesn’t play out by lap 3 then move onto the next one.  I don’t know what happened (actually I do but I am trying not to dwell on it)  moving on……

Amy Dombro proved she was worth the trip with the best young rider award!  Nice work Diesel!  The women caugh and passed the men’s peleton and I had the scariest caravan ride to date.  Then Jeremy and I were loaded and ready to drive the 23 hours to Minnesota at 1:00 and we had to wait till 4 to leave.  OK. Enough. On to the pics…


Always a cool view at the start!


Gina with a  little pre race interview with


My view of the  “Wall” for 4 laps


Get behind her now-  She is the future.  CX season is coming…….


Getting the hell outta Philly… finally.


Jeremy gets a shitty view all the  way to St. Paul… but he is really good at drafting!


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