Posted by: Double-Dee | July 13, 2009

Montreal World Cup and Montreal Tour

Montreal World Cup-  it couldn’t be as bad as last year, right?  right- it wasn’t.  Pretty much the one word that can be used to describe the whole thing is-  Meh.

Highlight:  Joelle Numanvaille :  “Eh.  Eh, yah you!  yeah haut dawg, Looking sexy mah friend”   this was directed at me when Joelle saw me in kit before the staff race.  Proving once and for all that Joelle really does not know what the hell she is talking about.  ever.

Pics.  I will let them do the talking.

montreal pics 006


montreal pics 063

Amy’s super cool Fasha, Ed,  came up to Canadadia to hangout and watch his daughter crush souls and get the poop scared out of  him riding in the team car.

montreal pics 052

Yeah,  Numeric order.  PRO.   It’s in the details.

montreal pics 093

Tibco’s Bruce Miller gave it her all in the TT and collapsed at the finish.  When she realized no one was watching, or cared, she got up and went away.

montreal pics 044

The fully clothed Erinne Willock and Mr. Fliss.  We got to do a little riding one day around Montreal.  It was windy and it was fun nuff’ said.

montreal pics 104

The crit in little Italy.  I got to race in the staff race.  I haven’t been able to ride very much this season so I had NO fitness at all.  That did not stop me from drilling it from the gun and holeshotting the race reaching 34 MPH through turn 2 and 3 and then nearly getting killed in turn 4 by some over eager jackasses who dove tight to the inside.  I sat up and will live to ride another day.   Good times.



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