Posted by: Double-Dee | July 13, 2009

Minnesota- Flying Monkeys, breaking bones, bikes and hearts and stuff like that…

iphone2 068

Nature Valley Grand Prix. 

The shit show of  the 2009 racing season.  Never has a team had such rotten effin luck as the Webcor women at this years NVGP.  3rd on GC 4th on GC two more riders in the top ten and then BAM-  20 rider pile up and  6 of our girls are on the bottom!  including all the GC contenders.  The ones who make it out barely survive and Much, who made it clear, looses 6 minutes due to a puncture she is forced to ride because no one can service her. Myself and Neutral are servicing those on the ground-  miles and minutes behind.   3 bike changes and 1 wheel change all in one accident.  A seasons worth of shit in one stage. Geeezuz!

Janel.  Words cannot describe the respect I have for this girl now.  She crashed in the crit on lap two.  She got up and staggered to the pit.  She Could not physically push Jeremy with her right arm, the side she landed on in the crash but insisted on racing.  Against my better judgement I gave her a new bike.  One hour later she finishes the crit in the front group on the lead lap- WITH A BROKEN AND DISPLACED COLLARBONE.

Alex.  Pheonix from the flames-  after a devastating day that pushed the Webcor ladies to the nether regions of the GC.  Alex Rhodes rode her ass off and attacked the shit out of everyone-  you should look up the TV coverage online-  an amazing effort that brought her from 40th place to 2nd and only 12 seconds down from  race leader Armstrong with one stage remaining!!!!   Alex’s – diet pure fucking cement!  There is no one harder than her.  Most girls would have cried themselves to sleep over what happened and what could have been-  instead she dug into her Gucci handbag of courage and ripped everyone’s legs off and got her time back along with a few jerseys to boot-  IT WAS EPIC!


No one finds Alex more amusing than Alex herself


I got all Artsy with my Pics on this trip


The Pit at the Women’s NVGP Still water race:  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany and …. really good bike mechanics.


My pride and joy-  Soon I will give you all a  digital tour of the ultimate team vehicle.


Rockabilly and massage go hand in hand-  don’t you know anything?


“You got that Earl?  Leave yer frickin hand cannon in the truck!”


Driving to CA after NVGP there were tornado warnings in NE and WY.  Guess where this pic was taken?


Yeah-  it got worse.  And there was no place to stop and seek shelter.  Nothing else to do but put both hands on the wheel and put the pedal to the devil.  The sprinter is not exactly a short heavy vehicle and it was all over the road  in the ever building winds and then the rains came…. and the hail… and the locusts and flying monkeys


Within 15 minutes of passing through this-  6 tornados touched down in the corridor that I80 covers between Western NE and Cheyenne Wyoming.  I don’t know how close to me and I don’t really want to know.


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