Posted by: Double-Dee | July 13, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Fayeteville…..

The Joe Martin stage race in Ar-kansas is a nice little stage race in the middle of… well.. Arkansas.  We had a super great host named Dori and we had a very interesting week.  We had some good results and we had some very bad luck, We had a guest director, we totalled a team car (no I wasn’t driving it), I got to drive 602 extra miles in the Sprinter and I got to test the very limits of my patience and abilities under large amounts of stress with NO guidance or help from the powers that be.   I can honestly say I earned my spurs at this one.

iphone2 043

Warming up for the TT on a blistering hot and humid day-  yes my Iphone was steamy

iphone2 044

Crappy roads and very short mornings meant alot of this……..

iphone2 046

R.I.Pieces.-  the Volvo never made it out of Arkansas.  It never even got to see the first day of racing

iphone2 051

Jeremy’s birthday cakes.  I had one and seriously had the worst hangover ever.  They were 100% pure effing sugar!

iphone2 053

The girlss and our hosts at the team GC presentation

iphone2 054

That poor doughboy….

iphone2 052

How I felt after Joe Martin

iphone2 048

Jeremy tried to keep things lite and keep me going by playing and singing while I washed bikes and or loaded the truck.  If he ever gives up the fabulous life of a swany he could make it as a crooner for sure….



  1. Oh, man, you have outdone yourself this time. Soooo enjoyed the pics and especially the commentary. Are you sure the team doesn’t need a social worker?? I know a good one……would love to hear your voice at some point, will try to catch up soon!!!!! Deb

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