Posted by: Double-Dee | May 31, 2009

Gila Monster and some dude named Lance.

Gila is a wicked hard race in a wicked small town in Silver City New Mexico.  Gila has been around for quite a few years and it pretty much has gone unnotice by the media and the rest of the world-  until some dude named Lance decided to come and use this little Southwest Spring classic as a warm up for the Giro.  Tour of the Gila officially is now on the map.  Everyone and there brother came out to catch a glance at McArmstrong and the coolest thing… they hung around to see the ladies show them what real racing is all about.  Bam! that just happened.

Tour of the Gila stage 4 006

Jeremy and I believe in being Posi Pro all the time….  It shows and people notice.

Tour of the Gila stage 4 008

Dudes with big cameras notice…..

Tour of the Gila stage 4 009

McArmstrong draws a crowd but… this was at the Women’s Crit!!  Silver city is a tiny ass town in the middle of the f’n desert.  Our girls put on a good show and there was much rejoicing.

Tour of the Gila stage 4 031

Ewwww…  Amy developed an Alien Birthing hole in her foot after stage 4.  It was awesome.  And she kept racing on that lovely piece of lovliness.  Can you say Hardcor?

Dana Point and Gila MOnster 156

Team Pee-cor  chasing back through the peleton after their 2nd pee stop of the stage.  It started with one rider and within 10km  half the field had stopped to pee (1 and 2 at a time) and even a few of the team cars… it’s like yawning-  you just can’t help it even myself and iron bladder Brems had to stop.

Dana Point and Gila MOnster 235

Das Mooch-  Deep, Deep in the pain cave.  Mooch proved she is back with a vengence going out solo on the hilly day and holding everone at bay until 2 miles to go.  Kristin “the other” Armstrong caught her within the final miles.    At that point it was damage control for Mooch-  She was in a dark place, but she gave it everything she had and finished in very good positin on the day (and then collapsed after the finish in complete exhaustion) It was a very, very impressive ride by Rebecca

Dana Point and Gila MOnster 209


Dana Point and Gila MOnster 258

Many, many deer in Silver City these were some that were hanging out at the host house watching me wash bikes.

Dana Point and Gila MOnster 227

Those bikes are ours, yup.  they’re real nas.

So much happened.   My life has been a whirl wind the last few months.  Racing, traveling, life.  Shit gets in the way.  Lots more to come.  Updates will be with more regularity-  and hopefully back to there old selves.  Joe  Martin and Montreal updates to come soon.

Keep the faith.



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