Posted by: Double-Dee | April 6, 2009

Dude, you never write anymore….

To my 7 loyal readers I apologize.  I have been a bit lapse in the bloggery.  In my own defense I have been a bit busy hobbling around, going to training camp, building more bikes, working on the Sprinter, Redlands , driving  back and forth from Cali to Oregon-  did I mention I still have a broken leg?  I move a little slower these days.  Anyhow enough with the pity party and on with the show…..

In the last few weeks there has been lots of  new and exciting things going down with team Green.  Here are some of the highlights from training camp and the photo shoots.


Team Photos-  The tradition continues. 6 returning Webcor riders were joined by there 2 new Australian teamates Nikki and Alex for a day of picture making.  There were these types of photos.


and these types of photos…


Amy showed off her guns….


and Gina showed off hers.

After a full day of photo shoots we packed up the kids and headed down to San Luis Obispo.  Each year the Webcor team heads to SLO where we meet up with John and Linda of Voler.  We are treated to fine accomodations and good food and of course good riding.  We have team meetings and dicuss our individual and team goals for the season.  We also get a full on tour of the Voler factory to see how our team clothes are made and meet many of the fine folks that keep us looking good all season.  This year retired Webcort rider Christine joined us along with Annie Fulton, A Webcor Alto Velo “bridge team” rider.  Here are some pics.


Getting ready for a long day in the saddle


Yours truly…   gearing up for a long day in that stupid chair.  5 more weeks on crutches *sigh*

I got yelled at alot at training camp.  It seems that a the word was put out that I was not to walk or attempt to move without the assistance of my crutches-  or there would be hell to pay.   The order was handed down by the mighty midget in Portland who had been tending after me and delivered me to Santa Rosa CA.   The girls were ever vigilant and would yell at me anytime they saw me without my sticks.  Except for when I was riding a bike-  Katheryn did not even notice that I was pedaling a bike around in circles while talking to her (with my knee high soft cast on)  when she did finally notice though…  holy crap did I get it.    Good looking out!


I let Nikki borrow my camera for the ride so I could see what I missed.


Do not be fooled by this one.   She may look sweet but Alex is “a real bad Alice”


Another Team Dinner


the new “zombie” victory salute?  what have townline sprints come too?

So that’s a quick overview of what went down at camp.  We left SLO and went straight to Redlands where more members of the team met up with us.  You will have to stay tuned for that update.

werd.  D.



  1. you never write but you do call.

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