Posted by: Double-Dee | February 16, 2009

First Weekend of Racing in the books….

California-  warm, sunny and well… warm and sunny.  Until this weekend.  I swear I  just worked a cross race in November in New England instead of a crit at the Tour of California.  45 degrees and pouring down rain. Soooo awesome!!!     


Caravaning across the Golden Gate to Santa Rosa


The team at Tour of California.  Featuring two freshly wrapped team cars.


Gina Grain one of the fastest Candians of all time (*see maple leaves on sleeves) models the new Voler team kit and Lazer Helmet


Rebecca Much.  Gettin’ ready to rock it.


Erinne Willock Getting ready for the task at hand.


Amy Dombroski  eagerly awaiting the arrival of the boys.  I believe she said “OOoohhh the Boys are coming!!”


Katheryn  Mattis bike racer and navigator excellantay-  4 hours of driving for 1 hour of  racing.  Freakin’ yeah man…

I am too tired and cold to write anything else. 




  1. I enjooy your blog, Dave. Celeste sent me the link awhile ago and I’ve never gotten around to commenting. I think of it as a link to my former cycling days…though the ladies you “wrench” for would leave me in the dust without even breaking a sweat! Keep it up and know you have a blog fan in Colorado!

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