Posted by: Double-Dee | February 11, 2009

2009 Webcor Team Issue Leopard M1

 Here is your first look at one of the 09′ Team Bikes.  This first batch will be the training bike.  Some of the bits and pieces will change but for the most part a SRAM equipped Leopard is what the girls will be rocking this year….


Hudz and Red- Nuff’ said


The Leopard M1 carbon in Webcor green.  The bike has no decals-  all the logos are painted.  The wheels are Williams Cycling’s System 19 .  The wheels are sub 1500g and reasonably priced AND they look good.


She looks fast, no?


Speedplay provides the pedals-  Cateye the cages and computers


Fizik saddles and Tape.  The race bikes hopefully will be outfitted in white-  time will tell.

That’s all for now.  The

ir is plenty of good stuff  yet to come-  Kits, Cars, Riders and the other team bikes.. Stay tuned we are just getting warmed up.

God save the queen.


D. out



  1. WHOA! That paint scheme is sickening! Our company sponsors the Vanderkitten team. Maybe we’ll see ya’ll at some of the races this summer… Awesome blog

  2. What? I love the paint job. The translucency of the green still shows the carbon fiber weave. Good stuff. I’m interested in hearing how they like the bikes.

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