Posted by: Double-Dee | February 10, 2009

The reflection ride…..


2008 was a very interesting year for me.  In a 7 month period  I traveled to 9 different countries including France, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland.  During the same time period I drove  across the U.S. 3 times in addition to up and down the West coast from Oregon to Redlands.  I have logged over 16,000 miles in the team car in the U.S. and tens of thousands of Kilometers in foreign lands.    In 107 days of racing-  I have witnessed amazing triumphs of will and physical strength, champions crowned and life goals acheived.  I have also been there when riders lie broken and bloody on the road-  usually one of the first on the scene- only to leave them as quickly as we got to them- hoping that they are taken care of  and safe after I jump back in the team car and speed away-  there are still other girls up the road that we need to look after.   


The amount of travel I did during the race season gave me a lot of time to really think about my life.  The things that I experienced and witnessed during the course of the season had a profound impact on me that lasted beyond the end of the race season.   2008 was a life altering season for me and its impact hit hard into my own personal life. 

Since September I have made many hard decisions in my personal life.   Many of these choices have not been very popular with friends and loved ones back east, but the choices I have made,  I have made for me.  Today I made another one of these choices and it lead to even more reflection.  Today I set aside some time for myself and I rode my bike and thought.  Yes, there was work to be done, but what I really needed was to hear the clicking of gears and whirring of freewheel bodies and my own thoughts.  I reflected on the decisions I have made and the things I have experienced in the last few months, since uprooting my life and heading to the Pacific Northwest-  and  I discovered something.   I am happy.   It feels weird to say it and even weirder to write it here for the 7 people who read my blog-  but today I came to realize and accept that I am happy.  I have met some great people and I have some truley great friends- who knows what lurks on the horizon, but right here, right now,  I am happy.


D.  Out.



  1. Dave,
    Wendy and I are really happy for you. We are glad you have found what you were meant to do.

  2. Nicely done dude. I’m glad you are happy! You deserve to be happy. I miss the hell out of you but understand that people need to do, what they need to do. Happiness should not be taken for granted. When it comes, it should be embraced. It doesn’t come around all the time and if you are not paying attention or too busy being miserable you can miss it! Sometimes our own happiness puts us in direct conflict with other people’s happiness. This is a painful reality for everyone involved. It does not mean however that we should not be happy. I miss you and love you! Deb

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