Posted by: Double-Dee | February 8, 2009

09′ Sneak Peek

So.  The bike building has begun.  Here is a little peek at two of the frames and some of the other equipment the ladies will be riding this year along with a few insights into Cali 09′


Leopard made us a custom xxs – tube to tube carbon frame for our smallest riders


A peek at the Green Carbon Leopard M1 (for big girls)


What???  SRAM Red?!-  what could be cooler?  How about the Green Hudz from our buddies over in Boulder.  Yup-  next time you see this shifter it will be pimped- Hudz style (along with matching donuts)


Even heavy D. gets love in Cali.  This is a team pic complete with my euro trading card hanging in the service area at the Bicycle outfitter in Los Altos , CA.  Dave Prion and the boys and girls over there run a tight ship and are a class act.  If you are ever in the bay area you should stop in and check em’ out.  You won’t be disappointed.


The Service bay at Bicycle Outfitter- complete with Ryan Bontrager and disco ball.  Ryan is one of the techs at B.O. and the HRS Rock Lobster CX team mechanic.  Did I mention he’s a nice guy?


I passed this produce stand in Watsonville-  check it out 20 artichokes for $1.00 they are like $2.50 each back east


Amy Dombro’s new team bike.  Those are 20″ tubulars on that thing and those are 700c rims behind it!

Cali Build Trip-  The Hit list thus far….

  • In N Out Burger- Nuff’ Said
  • Not having to build bikes in a dark cold garage when it was raining-  thanks Outfitter crew!
  • Running into old friends-  Billy Innes (who works at Outfitter)  use to come into my own shop in MA back in 01′ and 02′ ,  he was also the training partner of my friend Mukunda.   Billy and I wound up working next to one another for a few hours at the Outfitter before we recognized each other.   The other shop guys were freaked out when we broke into small town Masshole back east gossip-   the world is indeed a very small place.
  • Crashing a Los Gatos farewell party at a bar for someone I did not know
  • Dancing all night to crappy hip hop while drinking crappy beer
  • The soccer mom/pole dancer at said party-  forever now known as “striparella queen of the carpool lane”
  • Having someone compliment me on my Masshole ways and for being “brutally honest”
  • In N out Burger-  did I mention that already?
  • The KCM  B+B/ TV lounge for wayward cyclists and mechanics
  • The Sun

That’s all for today.  I am out this piece-



  1. Would you be insulted if I put my money on Amy D. in a fair fight?

    You get those Hudz yet?

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