Posted by: Double-Dee | January 5, 2009

The Going Off Season…..

Race season officially came to a close for me with Cross Natz.  Ski season officially began just before Christmas with 80″ inches of snow in 5 days and it has snowed pretty much everyday since.   It has been so good that Dombro caught a flight from Colorado to Portland to come get in some turns up on Hood.    We hung out at Sue Butlers cabin while she is over in euroland preparing to crush some souls at CX worlds.     As always we had a good time with good people.  We ate alot of Guacamole and Hot Sauce and we laughed alot. 

A few quotes from the week…..

  • How can I feel this good…  If  I AM SOOOOO SICK!!!!
  • You better pump the brakes little girl!
  • No really.. what’s a Merkin?
  • Lotsa  ice…Tumble!!!
  • How old are you guys?
  • Owww right in the baby maker!


  • Competitive darts-  15 games in one night
  • Powdah!
  • Hot sauce- 1 bottle of Sirachi
  • Good Beer
  • Running  the Hood River staircase and Jello legs
  • All the Dogs
  • Woodstoves and Avalanche shovels
  • Dart smack talk-  and backing it up!!!
  • Bumble beer
  • Multnomah Falls under snow
  • Did I mention the snow?
  • Buying original Artwork
  • Good Friends

For Amy’s take and videos click here


Epic conditions


Heavy D. checking the line before dropping in


Amy giving me the Down finger


Colleen enjoying the view


Multnomah Falls


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