Posted by: Double-Dee | December 19, 2008

Cyclocross Nationals in the books

Amy Dombroski asked if I would be interested in going to CX Natz in Kansas City, MO.  “Come on… it’ll be fun”   she said-  How could I say no?

The Hit List-  Kansas City Style

  • 1926 Miles for a bike race (each way)
  • Average Speed in Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Oregon- 90+ mph.  Number of speeding tickets= 0
  • Average speed in Kansas – 82mph .  Number of speeding tickets= 2  (less than 1 hour apart)
  • You can deep fry the following: Corn, Cauliflower, Salsa, Mozzarella, Zuccini, Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Tacos and Cheeseburgers
  • You should not pick on Balemics.  It is not easy to do what they do.  Trust me. (see above entry)
  • One should not tell others that they will  “punch you in the ovaries.  Right in the baby maker!!” especially when the person being threatened is a man and your mechanic and does not have said ovaries.
  • Pro bike racers should not drink to excess (see above entry)
  • Hosts that go above and beyond are few and far between but deeply, deeply appreciated.
  • Upstairs kitchen in Boulder has the best beer list I have ever seen.
  • Dave Towle is the man.
  • Colleen Flaherty-  8th place 30-34 Masters
  • Colleen Flahery- 34th Place Elite Women
  • Amy Dombroski- 1st U23 Women (lapping everyone upto 4th place)
  • Amy Dombroski- 5th Elite Women
  • Anna Milkowski- 3rd Place 30-34 Masters ( I pitted for Anna too)
  • Will Dugan- 1st Collegiate Men
  • Kansas is very Pro Jesus- 
  • “abortion stops a beating” an out of place billboard in no-where Kansas
  • Chellie and Tim-  Two of Boulder’s finest-  thanks for the hospitality!
  • Dan Dombroski-  Best Maple Latte ever (dude you should patent that stuff)
  • Bouford Wyoming-  Population=1, Elevation 8,000 feet.  Felt oddly obligated to buy something there.
  • Two truths and a lie-  very hard game when you are tired
  • Yo Mama jokes-  good for at leat 2 hours of entertainment in the wee hours of the morning in Idaho
  • “Yo mama’s so fat that when her beeper goes off  people think she backing up”
  • Ipods-  gotta love em
  • Best travel food-  Chocolate Milkshakes and French Fries-  it’s odd that when you really want that crap you can’t find a Mcdonalds to save your life
  • The friendliest yarn store in Kansas really is.
  • Matt and Mo-  class act all the way.
  • Jamie Driscoll-  Holy Shit.  Breakthrough is an understatement.
  • What do you do when you killing the field?  practice your bike changes-  AMy took two per lap during the U23 race to practice for the Elite race incase the weather was shit-  that’s pro!
  • Thanks to Don at Challenge tires for the help in the pit and for letting us seek warmth and shelter at his booth
  • Cross race fist fights.  Damn hooligans
  • Good friends are hard to find-  keep the ones you have.



Dreaming of Podiums-  guess it works!


Don of Challenge tires  was a big help all week!  We pretty much lived in his booth


Dombroski U23 National champ-  three in a row


“It is illegal in the state of MO to spank your kids as hard as Dombroski spanked the U23 Women’s field today ” – Dave Towle


Will Dugan- Collegiate National Champion.  I bought Will his first CX bike back in 2003.  I introduced him to CX with a 42cm Surly crosscheck.  Now he rides for Richard Sachs – and he rode like a man possessed in the Collegiate race coming from a last row start to the head of affairs within 2 laps.  We celebrated with beers at the post race bash (which was very odd-  man I am getting old)  Nicely done Will.


Colleen had to drive back through Kansas so that I would not lose my license and or go to jail-  thanks Colleen


FTOM 08- Foozball Tournament of Midgets!


Dombro leaving the truley PRO thank you note on  the host house’s copy of VeloNews


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