Posted by: Double-Dee | December 8, 2008

USGP Portland- Unicorn slaying and some bike racing too


Dombroski kicking a giant unicorn’s ass with her ninja skills at the post race prom

I am just going to post a few pics for now and I will do a proper update later.  USGP in Portland was epic!  two days of racing-  one warm and sunny and the other rainy, cold and well…. very, very muddy.    Amy Dombroski came out to throw down and practice her ninja skills and I got to practice my super fast bike washing skills.  We hung out with good people.  We ate really good food.  We drank really good beer and we saw a guy staple $75 to his scrotum with a staple gun and topless chicks spinning stuff on fire!  Like I said-  epic!  check out some pics


Amy after Sunday’s race –  photo “borrowed” from velonews


Prepping the Pit bike


Another awesome sunset in the PDX


Sometimes missing an exit is worth it-  Sunrise and Mount Hood from WA state


Cyclocross expert and Author Simon Burney trying to dodge my photo!


Season ender Prom


 Race tactics discussions-  with frites and garlic mayo… it is cyclocross isn’t it?


Amy and her Prom date and Portland host Colleen.


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