Posted by: Double-Dee | December 3, 2008

The Thank You.

I am a Professional Cycling Team Mechanic.  My days are often long.  I am usually the first person up and the last to lay my head down only to be up and ready before the sunrises for whatever the day may bring- regardless of how much sleep was had or how horrible I feel because I have been burning the candle at both ends for weeks at a clip.   

The mechanic is the first and last line of defense for the Pro Cyclist.  Fitness, technique and mental preparedness mean nothing if the equipment is not perfect.   The bikes are meticulously gone over after every ride.  Whether it is a training ride or race day every nut, every bolt, every cable is cleaned and checked and then re-checked.  The gears are run through.  The drivetrain is cleaned- clean enough to eat off and the tires have been checked for foreign material and nicks.  The bikes are showroom perfect on raceday and I am confident the bike will perform at it’s very best.  I am a professional mechanic and this is my job.  I know the dedication that is required.  I know of the sacrifices that must be made-  this is the career I have chosen.    I know that when the race is done and the girls have had a good day-  I probably won’t get to share in the victory at the podium presentation-  I have work to do.  Knowing that they are donning a jersey or a new piece of hardware means that I have done my job to the best of my ability and that is enough for me-  I don’t expect to get a thank you…. but I always do.  I am one of the luckiest mechanics in professional cycling.  I have a team that appreciates the sacrifices I have made and the dedication that I have displayed. 

This past week I received a text message from Katherine Mattis saying that a package was on the way to me in the PDX.  She didn’t say what it was nor did she even hint at what it could be.  I couldn’t imagine what it could be-  luckily it didn’t take to long to arrive.   The “Package” contained the ULTIMATE thank you a team mechanic/ bike dork could ever want.  Many have dreamt of it and there are only a handful of these in the world and I am lucky enough, no- honored enough – to have had one presented to me AND with a kick ass dedication and thank you to boot.  I present to you the ultimate in mechanic thank you gifts…. the autographed World Cup Leader’s jersey  (of significance because I was there when she won the opening World  Cup round in Australia) 


Thanks Katherine….  You have no idea how much this means to me.



  1. That jersey won’t fit you Dave! But it’s pretty cool she gave it to you! Ruth

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