Posted by: Double-Dee | November 24, 2008

Bundle Up! Hell has Frozen Over! Heavy D. Takes The “W” In Portland

Damn good day on Sauvie Island in the great state of Oregon.  Kruger’s CX.  Muddy course. Lots of barriers, transitions, and a pumpkin pile!  just my kind of course.  I had a last row starting position (as usual) I felt like crap before the start but low and behold at the end of lap one I was fealin’ good and riding well.  I started picking riders off one by one.  As I come through the start finish area at the end of lap 3  I see 2 to go and the announcer says… “And here is Dave Drumm of FTS Cycling  #975 he is your race leader!”  WTF???  for real???  I didn’t realize that the people I had been passing, hopping from group to group were the guys that started ahead of my race-  I had worked my way into the middle of that field without really realizing it-  I had my head down and giv’ner – a guy in front is a guy in front-  totally in the zone-  So now I panic, afraid I am gonna blow with one to go.  I fade 1/2 way through the last lap but rally and give it everything I have-  I win with a 30+ Second advantage.  Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ!  Heady D.  fastest fat guy in Portland 11-23-08.



  1. Selfish. Lettin’ Amy D fend for herself in NY and you’re off worrying about personal glory in Portland. Man alive. Congratulations

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