Posted by: Double-Dee | November 5, 2008

Noho- 2 Days in the Valley


and were back…..  Northampton.  Cyle-Smart International UCI cross race weekend.  Hosted by the fine folks of the NCC.  The NOHO cross race is like homecoming.  The venue is located less than 40 minutes from my house and it is by far one of my favorite cross races evah!!!  The Pioneer Valley is by far one of the most cross rich areas in the USA.  This tiny community is home too/has spawn  Jeremy Powers, Matt White, Mike Cody, Adam Myerson, Steven Weller, Alec Donahue not to mention Mukunda Feldmann, and Meg Biladeu, J.D. and Pioneer Event Productions, Cycle-Smart Coaching Services, Bike, Spooky Cycles and J. Gump’s Incline Training.    The Pioneer Valley is Cross- 

I got to “race” my bike both days and I got to work the pit for D.D> Winfield and Anna Milkowski of Vello Bella.  I also got to watch Celeste crush some souls as she worked her way from  last row starts in fields of 70 women to finish 11th on day one and 9th on day 2.  It was a great weekend and my last Cyclocross race in New England for the season.  My next race will be in Portland Oregon.  More to come on that in the near future….  Here are some pics for ya


Double D. microwaving the hearts of the back markers


Double D-  looking for DD and Anna


technique- 8 out of 10


Celeste riding the run up



  1. When I grow up I wanna be Celeste Drumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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