Posted by: Double-Dee | August 12, 2008

US Road Natz Shmatz…

Well,  for the girls in Green Saturday was the big dance.  Not the best course in the world-  two “climbs” with no chance of a break being allowed to get away-  it was run what ya brung and pray for sprinters legs by the finish.  In the U23 race Amy Dombro brought home her second bronze… Nicely done, as am I.  Stick a fork in me the season is ovah!  here are some pics for ya viewin plezzuh-

Dombro-  wants another lap!

Bronze #2

Katheryn’s race bike

Katheryn’s tanlines  ooooooohhhhhh  my eyes!!!!!

Katheryn and her 2008 USA Elite Men’s National Champion of a husband James Mattis-  Congrat’s James!!

A sand eye view of Mooch and Jono-  After the Crit a few of us went to Newport beach to check out the waves and chilax for a bit.  A little swimming, frisbee and small child decapatation and it was back to business.

That’s it for now….


D. out


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