Posted by: Double-Dee | August 6, 2008

Rebecca Much U23 Time Trial National Champ

Mooch rocks the U23 house and takes the Stars and Bars-  Dombrowski kills it and rounds out the Podium with Bronze!!!!! 

KCM with a 5th in the Elite Time Trial today.  Janel took a 9th place finish… not too shabby for the 1st year pro!

KCM happy with the 5th… or just happy to be done with Podium presentations???

Run what yeah brung…The “tt”bike that won the U23 Natz…  Not what you expected?  Of course not.  USA cycling never shipped Rebecca’s TT bike in time for the TT (eventhough they promised they would-  they handled getting her bike back from Europe).  So I cobbed this “tt” bike together for her from borrowed bike parts and her road frame (aero bar , shifters, brakes, stem set up from rock and road bikes-  thanks guys!) and a borrowed tt helmet from Garmin-Slipstream.  I threw on a disk and deep v front-at 11:30 the night before- the bike was ready but untested-  it’s first ride?  the TT-  looks like we got the position down, no?

Mooch with Aaron’s team super cutie Carmen Mcnellis

Dombro in Bronze….

Just in case you were wondering how we do it in the Pro ranks-  this is the chain and cog set of Janel’s bike.  No it is not new-  this is how clean the drive trains are before every race.  I take good care of my girls-  they deserve the best.

Getting things ready for a day of tt racing in Mark and Lisette’s garage-  they are going to have to evict me!  The open garage door is the backdoor that leads to the wash area…. Sweeeeeet!

Off to bed-  5am tomorrow.  Racing is early.  U23 National Criterium championships in Anaheim at 9

wish us luck



  1. Dave,
    What model tool case are you using?

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