Posted by: Double-Dee | August 5, 2008

Vargarda World Cup- Sweden

So-  After six days of racing in the Germany we loaded up the family truckster and headed to the Sweden.  We drove 4 hours and then crashed for the night-  Woke up and took a 2hr ferry to Denmark and then drove another 5+ hours to one of the nicest, cleanest places I have ever been.  The swede’s may serve fish for breakfast and give you tiny tubes that resemble toothpaste, filled with Caviar, but you have to give big props to a country that contains only two ugly people.  The Swede’s are hot! and…..  they all ride bikes.  Sweden is a very bike friendly place.  We had some good weather, but the day before the race while I was prepping- I got caught in a rainstorm of biblical proportion-  with all of the equipment-  it looked like I went swimming in my clothes.  My vans are still wet.

The world cup went well and Erinne was able to make a move and stay away with a very, very fast group.  She ended up with a 5th on the day!!!!  nicely done and good prep for Beijing.  Here are some pics for y’ all.

The bike path outside the hotel

Staging for the WC

Pure class-  Judith with her WC leader kit and custom WC leader paintjob team bike-

Swedish feedzone……

After a Herculian effort-  Erney Wilcock was done!  the only thing she could muster ” Man…. this car is hot” but continued to lay on top of it until we left for the hotel

Swedish Supa fans!

look closely at the stoker setup-  YEAH!  saw them riding it… WTF????

Notice the caravan number?  that’s right car 3!! based on Alex’s ranking in the World Cup Series…. Nice

Mooch and her massive box

The day after the WC.  IT was time to pack up and head back to Germany.  The girls flew out of Sweden.  I dropped Karen off in Gedser Denmark and Avery and I caravaned down to Erfurt Germany.  16.5 hours later (german construction)  we arrived at our Hotel in Leipzig.  I ate a French hotdog on the Ferry and that would be all until Newark NJ some 28 hours later.  I nearly ate my arm.  Luthansa just came off strike and there was NO food on the Plane at all!!!  Future note-  Eat before getting on the plane no matter what-  Transatlantic flights are brutal when your stomach is eating itself!!!  I survived and I am now in the OC in California for US Elite Nationals……  Same dogs and Ponies new show… 

More to come soon.  My host’s Mark and Lisette have WIFI and the best Garage I have ever seen.  Stay tuned.


Iam out like Doogie Houser….





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