Posted by: Double-Dee | July 28, 2008

Brauts, Babes and Beer- Bike racing German style!

Thuringen Rundfahrt-  One of the hardest women’s stage races in the world.  Thuringen has been around for 21 years and man do they put on a show!  Tons of spectators, beer sponsors, nice hotels, staff appreciation dinners with acrobats, nice cars and the fastest women in the world.  The girls in green had there work cut out for them fo sho’.  The top spots were Christine with a tight 7th in the time trial and Erinne Willock with a 3rd in stage 6 (she almost got the win-  after a massive breakaway attempt) 

Germany-  The hit list

  • 180k an hour on small twisty roads and getting past like I am standing still
  • Skoda cars-  why not USA?????
  • Sausage-  if you like it ..Germany is the place for you-  they cut it into heart shapes and feature it at all 3 meals-  usually in 5 or 6 variations of flavor and spice  mmmmm  heart attack!
  • Real Brauts  are soooooo good
  • The things girls say when they see Brauts… Shockingly dirty and not for the general public
  • Pissing off the Italian staff to the point of swearing and gesturing only to have them be my best buds 1 day later
  • A shit ton of stuff and two small vehicles to stuff it all into.
  • Thanks to Bigla and Gauzz for helping us haul our crap to sweden
  • Eastern Germany-  No credit cards… and 16 percent unemployement-  the future of the USA
  • Garmins and Germany do not get along  recalculating… turn left into that wheatfield …..
  • The worst coffee ever!!!!!
  • Bread,  really, really good bread
  • Long days… very long days with no truck to work out of and borrowing stuff…  big thanks to Andrew, Chris, and Johnnie Salami of the US National team
  • Good fans-  Hard Courses- Cobbles, steep hills, screaming technical descents…. nice work.  Best race ever
  • Sinus infections and the joy of having a Dr. on the team

Here are some pics for ya…. enjoy

The team presentations the night before stage one

The Webcor Team

Our temporary team vehicles-  Skoda Octavia wagon and Mercedes Van-  in matching black-  Nice!

13-  you gotta do what you gotta do.  Caravan/racer tradition-flip it

Huge crowds in Germany-  in the fields, on the hills, in the villages-  this pic was taken on the QOM in stage 6.  The only thing missing, the only thing to make it the total shit-  having the “voice” MR. Dave Towle screaming out Towleism’s as only Towle can! as the girls ripped up this 16 percent grade 3 times.

How much can you fir on one of those handmade racks?  try 18 wheels and 6 bikes.  Check out those sexy 09′ Orca frames in nude carbon.  I forgot to mention that before leaving for Cascasde… the girls are now all on 09′ Orca frames.  The 08′ was nice.  the 09′ is insane!

Sunflowers on the course

Erinne Willock celebrating her 3rd place stage finish.   The beer is a dunkel weiss and I got to finish it.  Good stuff from beer sponsor attlenburger

The view from my hotel room window

Alex chowing on a German-  gas station-  Hamhock on the way to Sweden.  Yup… She ate the whole thing. 

Wife beater tank- compression socks and sandals????  wtf KCM?  I was a little worried that they were not going to let us on the ferry to Denmark.  Luckily we stopped for the night before getting to the port.  We made it to Sweden with no trouble from the fashion police


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