Posted by: Double-Dee | July 18, 2008

Cascade Cycling Classic Recap-

So.  After Traveling to Canada for Natz with Erinne and Alex, it was off to Bend Oregon for the Cascade Classic-  5 day- six stage race.  The team was amped and stacked.  Christine, Kathryn, Gina, Amy D. and Janel came to race and man did it show.  The temps were hot, the miles long and the pace… was fast.

The girls threw down right from the gun with taking 3, 4, 5 on day one.  The trend continued and it was Podium’s aplenty  Including a stunning 2nd place finish on the “hilly” day by our sprint specialist Gina “Guns” Grain.  Gina was on form and had several Podium placings. It was a good race for the girls in green and we took #1 for Team GC and Christine was 2nd on GC for individual.  Full results and standings can be seen here   now…. it’s show and tell time!

Christine starting it off with a Second on the day and a 6 pack for yours truely!

After eating 18 pieces of Watermelon Katheryn attacked this peanut m+m Martini and crushed it’s soul

Fast car… Faster girls

Bend…. good people.  bike people.

Frickin’ beauty eh……

The free bike and racer wash courtesy of the City of Bend’s surprise spirinkler system.

One of the 4 host houses we stayed in, in the awbrey butte neighborhood, nice!!!

Our host families were awesome!!!  and they threw us a potluck/bbq..  Great food, great people.  Thanks.

Me and my new dog pal Chinley

My good friend Colleen came upto Cascade from Portland and donned the green! She assisted Laura and I in the team car for Stage 5 keeping track of breakaway numbers and feed zone mileage

Laura Chermeda was our Director at Cascade-  Laura likes to talk on the radio… like this…”there’s a right turn coming up on your right, but you don;t want to take that right, it’s the next right after this right sooo  go right when it looks like you should go right…   you, know the one with the marshal…. just lettin’ ya know”

Rackin’ and stackin’  after stage 5 while Avery gets a new ass and a hefty fine from the local Police for showing no respect for the law

More to come…. time to catch flight to Germany from the PDX!!!



  1. D-unit looks happy with the dog. I bet your pups miss you.

    OOH! Got some dirt on some possible big changes with Plaines.

    have fun

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