Posted by: Double-Dee | July 8, 2008

Hey Man! You better roll through or we will start attacking the SHIT outta you!

Well I got to the SFO last night and Karen picked me up, then  met up with Sam and family-  got a few hous sleep and then……  loaded up the team Subie and headed 8 hrs North to Bend Oregon. Woohoo!  8 hrs is a short drive, but here is the hit list-

  • 114 degrees in Corning CA-  Holy shit balls is that hot.  I turned off the AC an opened the window and could not believe how hot it was.  It was hovering between 110- and 114 for nearly 200 miles.  It cooled down to about 95 after Mount Shasta
  • Saw some wild fires… crazy
  • Saw Helicopters near the Shasta dam scooping water out in  big buckets hung from the bottom of the choppers
  • Stopped to smell some Ponderosa pines near Weed
  • In N Out-  of course I went, what are ya nuts????
  • Wiped Ash from the hood of the team car when I stopped for gas
  • The Air in CA is really, really bad from all the fires- Forest fires smell like flaming Litter Boxes full of Cat Shit.  No Shit-  Flaming Shit!
  • Host housing is great.  The view from the deck in Bend is amazing-  if you like that sort of thing-  I do.
  • Met another Dog named Chinley  who oddly enough looks like the other dog I know named Chinley .  Both dogs come from Indian reservations.  One lives in AZ and the other in OR.  Weird… like a smoke and a panacake.
  • Blue Mountain Dew is the best Mountain Dew…  l like it and so should you… Fou.
  • NPR only comes in on the radio in Hippie Mountain towns in CA
  • 114 is really f’n hot man.
  • Indestructable, Military Grade tool cases are neither!  One flight… that’s all it took and my new case is rendered un wheelable.  Chicago tool case look out-  I am coming for ya real soon!  Like tomorrow, man.




    1. balls to the tool case! WTF?
      maybe one of these monsters would do the trick

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