Posted by: Double-Dee | July 6, 2008

Alex Wrubleski wins Canadian Nationals with 8km leadout from Erinne Willock!!

After 114km of racing Alex Wrubleski outsprints Leigh Hobson and Felicia Gomez for the title of fastest Canadian not on Hockey skates.  This win would not have been possible without the selfless effort and personal sacrifice of fellow canuck and teammate Erinne Willock.  It was great to be there (driving in the caravan- this time!) to witness a well fought victory.  Nicely done!!  Pics and stories soon! 

I am in the Airport in Hartford CT, known to worldly travelers as…. the BDL.  I am here with a another delayed Delta flight.  In the past 24hrs I have….. driven in the Caravan for 4 hrs during Natz, Drove back to MA for 8.5 hrs. from East-banga-where Canadadia, packed and condensed stuff, and then drove another 1hr 15 min to the Airport in CT to fly to the West Coast for 4 and a half weeks of racing and travel-  on the list  Bike builds in the Bay Area, Cascade stage race in Bend OR, Thurigen stage race in Germany, Swedish World Cup, USA Elite ITT and Road Race National Championships and then……… a nap.



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