Posted by: Double-Dee | June 26, 2008

Hey baby, where ya been?

OK-  Since last time.  I made it to the great state a sota.  We raced Nature Valley Grand Prix.  It was what it was.  Some good days, some bad.  I drove from Sota to CA and then flew home.  I will now provide you with some pics and in depth commentary now that I have had a few days to screw my head on straight.

Katheryn is back!  At the NVGP she pulled a suicide move on the 91 mile road stage and stayed away for 40 miles +  crazy….  and deservedly awarded the most aggresive’s jersey.

Mooch pulled an awesome tt off and was awarded the best young rider jersey on the double day.  I thought this would be a good time to build up her 2009 Orca .  I had a few hours to kill between the tt and Crit soooo… voila  new bike to race in the crit while wearing a new jersey.  The 09′ bikes are sick!!!

Mooch and NVGP Webcor GC leader Amy Dombro warming up before the stillwater crit to a little Clinton Sparks.  The crit was insane!  for Kristen Armstrong it was Fuego:on and the rest of the field was strung out worse than a runway model.  For the mere mortals it was a race of attrition and almost half the field was plucked and fried like a Kentucky lunch special.

Oh say can you see Rachel Loyd singing the National Anthem prior to the race start.

Minneapolis is a bike town and the crowds at the crit proved it!  nicely done Minneapolis!

5 minutes….  3 cans

Pee stop in North Dakota…..  roaming free near the Badlands.

Ummmmm yeah.  Montana

Custer Montana.  Most of the town was closed down and boarded up.  This is what was on the wall next to the exit off 90.  Nice.

What to do when you don’t see anything or anyone for 400 miles.

After working Philly , driving 1200 miles, working a stage race and driving 2200 miles only to fly across the US-  what do I do the day after I get home?  Help the reborn Berkshire chapter of NEMBA build new single track by swinging a Polaski and Macleoud for 4 hrs-  In times of need one must sacrifice themselves for the greater good.  40 of us in all…. damn it’s going to be a good trail.

For now.  D. out.


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