Posted by: Double-Dee | June 12, 2008

The drive to Minnesota

The hit list

  • Miles traveled-  1214 (drove around in circles in Minneapolis for a little bit)
  • Highest temp- 103
  • Dead Deer on the road-  26
  • Live Deer on the side of road-  10
  • Ohio-  Not equipped for credit card or ez pass at the toll booth.  Toll of $7.00.  Double D.  spent last $5 at previous gas station on snacky treats.  Double D. in trouble with the man……
  • Ohio-  Gas $4 fuckin’ 49 a gallon for regular!!!!!!
  • Indianna, nothing happened in Indianna
  • Illinois 93 degess upon entering  63 upon leaving-  one hell of a rainstorm in the middle.
  • Wisconsin-  gas station quote “what are ya?  some kinda bike rassin team or sumpin?”
  • Wisconsin- poor bastards need a break from the flooding- even the 20 cows stuck on a tiny mound in a flooded field.
  • Worst billboard for a cement form company ” Thank your Mother!  She was pro life”
  • Fastest speed-  un printable
  • Slowest- 2mph for at least a half hour in th emiddle of nowhere, for no reason, Wisconsin.
  • Near death experiences-  0
  • Perfect word for word in tune renderings of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues by yours truely-  2
  • Ass cramps-  3
  • Old Friends within 10 block radius of host housing- 1

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