Posted by: Double-Dee | June 12, 2008

Philly to Nature Valley

So.  I made it to Philly on Saturday.  It was hot!!!!!!  Several hours in the parking lot of the Best Western- downtown- and my whole left side was sun fried. Philly is by far one of the coolest road races in the country-  it resembles a cyclocross race in many respects…..  Seriously,  tons of rowdy drunken fans line the wall, Richard Fries give n’ the blow by blow on on Lemon Hill… it was pretty sweet.  The only exception to the sweetness was the fact that our day went to shit.  It seems that the cycling gods are upset with the green machine.  Why else would Gina’s foot pull out of a fully buckled shoe that fits?  with 2km to go? when she was in perfect position to launch?  maybe it was for the good, cuz’ Janel had her front tire explode at the line in the sprint finish.  Maybe if the Erinne, Christine hadn’t dropped back to bring Gina back to the front something more awfull would have occurred……..  who knows.  

  Some pics for you.

Must be Philly

Lemon Hill

The Manayunk wall-  this is where all the race winning moves are made.  The steepest part of this climb is around 26%  It was a keg party from bootm to top……AWESOME!!!!!

Ummm POP.  Janel’s tire that exploded at the sprint finish.  The pavement temperature was 120 F at the hottest part of the day with an air temp of 96F.  Janel walked away with a concussion and some road rash-  Her bike.. May it rest in Pieces  Top tube and down tube sheared.  Fork Broken.  Handlebar broken.  Wheels….  less than true.

The bike broke in half.  The two pieces being held together only by the cables when I tried to put it on the roofrack.   It got “folded” and tossed in the back seat.

After a full day of racing at Philly-  I loaded the car and headed west to Minnesota.  1214 miles later and ready for more bike racing action.  Stay tuned for more…..


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