Posted by: Double-Dee | June 1, 2008

Fear and Loathing at Montreal World Cup….Tales from the jumpseat

Yes…. I did escape from France, but not after shelling out an additional $450 euro for bags and 26hrs of travel that sent me through Ohio.  Another story for another time…. Enter: Montreal.  After being home for just over 24hrs it was off to the WC in Montreal.  I loaded up the team car and headed East to pick up Karen in Noho.  After a nice cup o coffee at Northampton Coffee we were off to Canadadia where we were stopped at the border and forced to exit our trusty team car.  After a little chat and a quick inventory list we are off and then through the border crossing?   again?    it seems there is the US border crossing and then the Canadian border crossing-  so….. what’s in the 1-2 km between them?????????

Anyway on to race action.  For the Canucks this was the big dance-  home WC, Qualifier for automatic selection for the Olympics, and Alex’s B-day.  It was sure to be a knock down drag race to see who would be the first Canuck to cross the line.  In this respect the race did not disappoint.  The 1st group contained Anne Samplonious, Leaigh Hobson and Erinne Willock.  Lets just say Leigh had the race of her life and we leave it at that………. 

For Webcor everything went pearshaped.  Here is the hit list from a very wet and miserable Montreal WC

  • We start the day with me getting my leg and shoe pee’d on by a Mexican national team member as I try to get to Alex in the start grid 1 minute before the start to try and get her computer to read.  I did not know that this was even possible-  and, like Nurnbergers Suzanne De Goede, I was extremely shocked and repulsed-  Getting pee’d on is not how any one should start their day- unless yer into that kinda thing, and if so, I don’t want to know what the rest  of your day is like. Sicko!
  • Christine-  Flats on the first lap in a not so great location-  I am Johnny on the spot, but we are on the wrong side of the road-  upon jumping out of the car I step on my right  shoe  with my left.  The car is not stopped as I exit, and my shoe gets ripped from my foot and spirals across the road-  oh, well service with one shoe-  no prob-  I sprint across the road through caravan traffic- Janel had stopped to help Christine-  no point really, since we were car 4  in the caravan and already there (in other circumstances it would have been good)-  now 2 riders with no front wheels-  this just causes confusion for all-  Christine is back underway quickly and I get Janel going again as fast as I can-  I think this was her first supported wheel change so she was a little unsure of the deal-  anyway.  She gets underway, does not catch Christine’s wheel and never makes contact with the group.  I have to dodge riders and cars while trying to retreive my shoe before jumping back in the car
  • Janel Abandons after Karen tells her to pull the plug-  She flats agian trying to abandon.  We scoop and run.
  • While racking Janel’s bike on the side of the road the door on the car closes as I am racking the bike and Karen thinks I am in- IAM NOT- and I am putting a bike on the rack.  Luckily she realizes this 1 second after hitting the gas.  She does not kill me with the car… this time
  • Christine-  Chases like hell to catch back on and does… gets dropped again… chases back on… dropped again……  Rear flat.  She has been working her ass off with a slow leaking puncture from glass she must have picked up with the first.  We do a rear change-  it is not flawless…  pressure is pressure and when shit goes pearshaped a 20 second change can become 30.  She is off… only to stop 20 meters up the road-  Chain is stuck.  She is off again. 
  • Christine does not catch back on and abandons-  The look says it all
  • Erinne has a great ride and is in good position going into the last lap but is starting to cramp.  Amazingly she is still the front and given’r.  She is 2 seconds off podium on a day that if you are Canadian you really, really, really wanted to be on the Podium.
  • Alex-  Happy B-day.
  • While cleaning bikes, post race, a local asks me why we are staying in the hotel we are in… I say I don’t know-  cuz I don’t- and ask why… turns out we are in shady town.. sleep with one eye open and lock up yer shit….. niiiiccceeee
  • A reminder for those not down with yer Canadadian… Montreal is a French speaking city.  Just when you think you are done with un puh blah,blah,blah…  Voila!  I am not familiar with “The Philadelphia”  do they drop the French there too?  I don’t think I can handle it if they do.  Oh yeah, in Montreal Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC for those down) is PFC, Poule Fried Kentucky-  no shit…  I am sitting in a cafe typing this across the street from one… it still smells as bad though.


Montreal tour starts tomorrow.  God save the queen.



  1. Dave, I can read the coverage on and I get emails from Karen, but if I really want to get the skinny, I just log onto your blog!

    Sounds like plenty of work for you in Montreal with the wonderful weather. 😦

    I have about 400+ miles on my new Trek Madone 5.5 with upgrades of Red shifters and DA crank, passed on the Bontrager wheels and am just using my conventional ones for now. It has taken a while to dial in the fit, but I may have it now. Still getting used to shifting without thinking. Comfortable ride, much more than I thought possible!! Love it. But I would have gone the Super Six if I was a crit scum.

    Hang in there,

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