Posted by: Double-Dee | May 21, 2008

The hit list for stages 4-5

Ok-  So much has happened.  I don’t have much time to write it all.  I have been taking pics but still don;t have access to them yet-  So here is the hit list from the Pyrenees

  • Comm car gets airborne in the caravan after trying to pass on a f’n super narrow road from hitting a large rock formation-  Killing the brand new Skoda wagon (this happened right in front of us- and the rear wheels were at least 2 feet off the ground before some shit broke and a metric shit ton of smoke poured out of it)
  • Christine flats 2x’s within the last 30km just as the group begins to chase down Ina.  She busted a nut and caught the group right at the finish-  after being behind the caravan-  impressive to say the least
  • Snow covered mountains
  • Tiny mobile home cabins with no hot water
  • French conversations with a 5 year old at 11pm in a bar-  did you know if you plant a spoon covered in ice cream you can grow an ice cream tree?
  • Beers with Swift and team USA and a weird ass guy from Fenxis who spoke 3 languages at once
  • Spanish onclave- Livia in the mountains actually an island of spain in france
  • Best Pizza ever!
  • Hanging out with Olympians-  future and past
  • Pickles and baby pickle plants


Quotes of note-  Stage’s 4 and 5 

  • “I can’t poo in france”
  • “I am so fuckin’ fucked right now”
  • “I don’t eat pickles, I just lick em”
  • “Pass the brown water”
  • “Your a weenie”
  • “What’s a weenie?  no, really what’s a weenie?”
  • “est gue vous aves the fuckin’ wine”

That’s all for now.  Time to glue tubulars.





  1. best

    great work dave. you and your ladies rock it. i am so impressed with their racing/riding and teamliness.

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