Posted by: Double-Dee | May 5, 2008

Wrubleski 4th at Bern World Cup

Yo-  Just finished the 10 hour drive from Lyss Switzerland to Limoux France.  Pretty uneventful drive.  Got to drive the team car with 7 bikes on the roof and 3 very quick ladies with some pretty fantastic skills as artists-  The girls became bored on the drive and decided to play a game where they draw pics of people we all know and we had to guess who they were-  here is the big news  4th place Bern World Cup finisher- and eater of strange food combinations- Alex Wrubleski is a fairly talented artist!!!  More news-  so is Rebecca Much!  who knew?  Anyway…..  Shitzerland  is very beatiful, weird and very expensive.  How so you ask?  here’s the hit list-

  • Crapo cino-  $6.00f
  • 1/2 glass of beer- $5.00f
  • 30 minutes internet $5.00f
  • Full bottle good red wine  $4.80f  ??? yup, it’s true
  • Cows wear huge bells and run around crazy after 9pm (across the street from the hotel)  I didn’t know cows that big could run, that fast
  • Skydiving-  popular pasttime in Shitzerland-  also across the street behind the cows
  • You can speak “German” to any one and they will understand you-  evenwhen you don’t speak the language-  just add “enend” to the end of each word and they get it-
  • Half the hotel reception staff thinks I am retarded- still
  • The alpes-  Holy crap are they awesome!!!
  • Bikes, scooters, mopeds-  everywhere
  • Souped up older VW’s-  the super hot Swiss car
  • Swiss chocolate in your coffee is 10,000 times better than sugar
  • Swiss cheese-  not availible in the U.S.A as far as I can tell
  • People in the Shitzer are weird


So, back to the racing-  World cup course was killer.  4 laps, 30+ k per lap.  Killer climb.  Screaming descent.  The “race” was pretty much over after the first 10k when the selection was made on the climb.  The top 25 girls blasted over the top and the race for many was over-  the Selection was made and it came down to a bunch sprint-  Alex was 4th.  Very hard day on the bike the girls were cooked afterward.  I got to enjoy great views and a mechanical free race.  Sweet.  More to come including pics from a borrowed camera.

 Au revoir, suckas





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