Posted by: Double-Dee | April 30, 2008

Time to Berninate!!!!

Made it to the France.  Lots O’ hours on D’ Plane .  Watched some Movies, ate some horrible food.  Had to wait hours for my luggage and when I got it-  everything was soaked and a big fat thank you to the TSA-  they left me another handy note in my Toolbox and they broke a pallet keeper off, bent the shit out of the hinge AND did not replace the safety strap which is now lost-  and I am lucky that my tools were not flung all over the tarmack.  I hate the TSA they are a bunch of jackasses that thrive on the tiny bit of power they have been given.  The crap they do is ridiculous-  what is the point of empting a clear container of 200 cable ends INTO the bottom of my toolbox AND why is it neccesary to cut open a clear vinyl package that contains only hex wrenches, did I mention that it had a ziplock top?  what is with these people?  do they get off on screwing with people’s stuff? 

So.  leave for Switzerland tomorrow and Gina has no bike and no clothes.  I have no patience and NO CAMERA!!!!  I can’t believe I have no camera.  I would go buy a new one but I am in France and it would cost 1.5x’s as much as home.  I am no baller!  I am a bike mechanic.  No pics, unless I can borrow Avery’s camera or download some of her pics, anyway, pissed about that too.

Good News-  the apartment in Limoux has WIFI!!!!!  so, yeah. for that…..



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