Posted by: Double-Dee | April 18, 2008

I am in Love-

Yup-  in love with Mabel (my new Mountain Bike)  It’s been along time since I have liked a bike this much.  The last was a 2002 Titus switchblade-  I have had many since then and they all paled in comparison to the Titus- until now.  My 2008 Specialized Epic Marathon kicks ass!  It looks good, climbs like a mountain goat on crack, has a relatively high BB height and the perfect geometry for ripping singletrack.   I haven’t liked Mountain Biking this much in a long, long time. 

I should have boxed her up for the trip today but I had to take her out again- so, I swapped out the headset for a black Chris King and threw on the sweet new Fox baggy shorts the boys down at Bike and Board hooked me up with and hit it.   The weather was fantastic at a whopping 78 degrees and the trails in KP were dry and dusty.  I Had a great ride eventhough I took a wicked header after bombing across a huge log on the log hop trail.  I ate shit majorly.  I landed on my head and left shoulder and had an immediate burning sensation in my neck, a little scary,   but short lived- everything seems ok.  Some Advil, an ice pack and a good bottle of wine seemed to do the trick.  I am now totally stoked for Moab.  It looks like we are going to be able to hit two days of the Fat Tire Festival inFruita as well.  I have already sent the email to K- Scheid and hopefully her and the Spence will be able to go for a ride.  Anyway-  I wish I had some pics for ya, but I left my battery charger in Redlands and the ole batree is ded.



  1. Nice bike wheres mine

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