Posted by: Double-Dee | April 12, 2008

1756 Miles Down ????? to go

Yo.     Driving it!  Left Cali late yesterday still fealing like worm food.  My goal was to make it to Utah before needing to rest.  Mission accomplished.  I tried to sleep in the Subie-  fat chance.  There is so much stuff crammed in there that it was impossible-  I did try every possible human position (for 2 hrs)  no luck.  Motel 6-  $39.99 thank you.  When I woke up I could not believe my surroundings, it was like I was on the moon, unreal!  Driving across the salt flats to the Great Salt lake was interesting.  Along I80 there were hundreds of sayings and symbols as well as memorials made from rocks and beer bottles for nearly one hundred miles!  here are the most prevelent

  1. Heart with sets of initials
  2. Name_ was here
  3. Peace symbol
  4. Anarchy Symbol
  5. Penis’
  6. Pentagram

Nevada -my favorite sign- so far

“Please report shootings made from highway”

Utah- is a beatiful place- nuff said.

Wyoming… where do I start

  • The only places to eat on I80- Mcdonalds, Arby’s, Burger King
  • Fireworks retail is their primary industry
  • Wind, snow and  then a metric shit ton of blowing snow/falling snow-  Seriously a blizzard!!!  a foot of snow at the pee stop on the continental divide
  • Gas in Buford Wyoming-  Population 1, Elevation 9,000 something (there was a sign and the guy in the gas station was the 1 they referenced)
  • 1 Rolled RV
  • 1 SUV taken out by a Trailer Truck
  • 3 cars in the ditch
  • E85 isn’t gas-  they should make the signs a little bigger-
  • The mullett is king
  • Bought a bag of trail mix-  the bag exploded while opening-  everything inside the car is covered in nuts and dry fruit.  I am slowly eating it off piece by piece-  should be clean by MA
  • Glad to be done with Wyoming


Road Kill Seen

  • Rabbit
  • Elk (dark huge deer???)
  • medium sized thing ?????


Coldest Temp:

  • East Bangabush Wyoming 21F


Hottest Temp:

  • Davis California 81F


The Numbers According to the GPS unit:

  • Distance Travelled 1756.3 miles of 2998
  • Average speed 74.2
  • Max Speed 96.7 (downhill-  the subie could never get there without gravity)
  • Stop times (minus sleep-) 32 minutes (maybe I should look into NASCAR pitting?)


Gonna try and bang out the rest in one shot tomorrow-  you got my cell. 



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