Posted by: Double-Dee | April 10, 2008

Get outta dodge day-

Today is the day that I set sail.   According to Google maps 2,998 miles.  Sweeeeeeeeeetttt!!!!!  After talking to other mechanics the fastest travel time I heard was 38 hours.  That seems fast.  I Don’t think I will be rocking it that quick.  Redlands has put it’s voodoo curse on me and I feel like hammered shit.  I won’t go into details-  basic flu like symptoms with lots of funky colored stuff coming out of me…….  Awesome!

Anyway  I will update along the way-  if I stop long enough. 

I wish I had a trucker stache and a cowboy hat for this……….  it might inspire great things or simply get me chased by the Pohleeece. 

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’






  1. Go Bandit Go

  2. Leave the voodoo curse fast behind ya dude…good luck, hope you feel better, take it slow.

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