Posted by: Double-Dee | April 9, 2008

Redlands Classic….. The lesser known side

The following is a look inside bike racing from… um, the inside.

My rear view to Redlands

My View during the Beaumont stage riding jump

Alex- Borrowing bandwidth and about to get a wet butt despite a warning

 Show and tell-  Bike racer style

Team Tibco’s mechanic had a true redneck moment when there spare wheel fell off the team van due to a broken hanger on the way to the feed zone on the sunset loop.  One of Tibco’s riders, who was no longer racing ,went down the road to get it-  120lb girl, 70lb wheel , 1/2 mile sort of uphill, hmmmmm.  Luckily she and the wheel were picked up by some local in a pickup truck.

Aaron’s team mechanic John became “de feed Mu-cheen” complete with cellphone speaker provided Duran  Duran music during the Sunset Circuit Race.  The race did not allow caravan support so the mechanics all helped out in the feed zone.  I waited like a Cyclocross mech with a bike prepped for Alex on each lap just in case…  D. all about d’ binness.

The scariest words a mechanic can hear-  Dave, do yo think I can put the top on???? 

Tan lines? what tan lines?

Alex autographing jerseys before the podium ceremony

Right on. I mean, really, how else you gonna show off all that stuff.

So there you have a little look behind the Redlands classic.  More to come soon.



  1. Dude, if the bike mechanic thing doesn’t work out, maybe you could do some comedy writing….liked the back scene stuff a lot, you crack me up…. thank the bike goddesses that you have a sense of humor otherwise you might just lose your mind with all you are juggling….you keep writing, we are out here following along……

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