Posted by: Double-Dee | April 8, 2008

Rubie Rocks Redlands!!!!!!

Holy Cow.  A quick update for the faithful.  The Internets in Redlands were scarce… as was my time.  Webcor killed it.  I will keep this brief since I drove girls to the Airport at 4am after staying out until 2am with Mooch, J. Powers, Johnny “el gato” Sundt and Ben Day-  then I got to clean a host house, pack a car with ungodly amounts of stuff and drive from below LA to the Bay Area-  luckily no coffee was needed because the pallet full of iink insulation that blew off a truck in Pasedena at 70mph+  right in front of me jacked me with enough adrenaline, from the evasive maneuvers required to avoid getting killed, to keep me going for the first 5 hours of the drive….. and come to think of it I think I left my camera battery charger in Redlands.  Shit!

How serious were we?  the girls warming up before the 100+k stage 3-  tool for this stage…..the Hammer

The Facts.

  • Alex Wrubleski won Redlands overall by a mere second after being down 25 after the prolouge
  • Webcor worked as an uber team and were calculated tacticians and did what needed to be done-  mile by mile.




The Jerseys Won-  6 total (all by Alex)

  • Redlands overall
  • Redlands Queen of the Mountains
  • Redlands Sprinter (of which i was presented by Alex as a token for the behind the scenes work-  thanks Alex
  • Prestige series Leader (Redlands is the first in the series)
  • Presitge Series Young Rider
  • Prestige Series Sprint or Qom (I don’t remember)



The daily- post race- to do list.

So many stories….  so little energy.  Stay tuned good stuff is coming.  The very long days have just caught up with me.  If you stop moving, you just shut off-

God save the Queen,




  1. livin the F***IN dream! Hey dave, looks like life is great. say hey to celeste from J and I


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